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    Your voice is essential in identifying the challenges and opportunities in your remote learning experience and in representing families and caregivers across the district. These Remote Learning Surveys will provide vital information that will be used to make decisions about how best to support our scholars and their families when school resumes this year. 

    All surveys are anonymous and no individuals will be identified in any report.



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  • Update from the CEO

    May 18, 2020

    Dear Parents & Caregivers of CMSD Students: 

    As the traditional school year comes to a close this week, I want to provide you with a number of updates around instructional materials, grading guidelines and report cards, summer meal plans and the governor’s guidelines for reopening schools in the fall.

    This week, families will receive the last mailed Academic Learning Packet, with your child’s grade and subject-level lessons for the school year.  This packet also includes the daytime phone number to reach staff at your child’s school this summer, along with the Technology Help Line to use if you need assistance with your device or Internet access. While the devices and hotspots we distributed this spring to our scholars will be collected from graduating seniors and students who are withdrawing from the district, all other students may keep their CMSD-distributed chrome books, laptops and hot spots over the summer, so you can remain connected and actively engaged in enrichment learning activities that will be made available to you throughout the summer.

    After adjusting to guidelines provided by the Ohio Department of Education on how to calculate grades during second semester, report cards for schools that end this Friday, including both 3rd Quarter and 4th Quarter grades will be distributed during the first week of June. The report cards will be mailed by schools, along with an explanation of the grading guidance used to assess student progress during the school closure and throughout the transition to remote learning. Report cards for extended year and year-round schools will follow.  Guidelines followed for calculating grades will also be posted on the CMSD website at that time. 

    As you may know, the Ohio Department of Education released guidelines last week for reopening schools in the fall.  As soon as I am able, I will be sharing our thoughts about how the state’s guidelines will inform our planning for reopening schools for summer and fall instruction.  As with all our decisions during the COVID-19 crisis, we will use those guidelines to put the health and safety of our students, staff, families and community at the forefront of all decision-making for reopening our schools.  Your participation over the next two weeks in our Remote Learning Survey will help to inform decisions about how best to meet your child’s needs and to address the challenges our scholars and their families face in this new learning space. 

    Finally, although the school year officially ends this Thursday, our 22 meal sites will remain open without interruption throughout the summer, providing grab-and-go breakfast and lunch bags, and also making summer reading and enrichment materials available as they arrive. 

    I hope that each of you remains safe, healthy, and well and I wish you a great start to your summer!


    Eric Gordon

    Eric S. Gordon

    Chief Executive Officer

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    Daytime numbers

    Daytime Phone Numbers for Schools

    To reach your child’s teacher or school principal, to update your contact information and for answers to your questions about learning packets, your child’s grades and other academic issues, call your school.

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    TECHNOLOGY HELP LINE – For assistance with logging into your device, accessing the Internet and other issues related to educational technology, call our Technology hotline during school hours: 216.838.0440

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