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  • Hey Everybody!!!!

    I miss seeing everyone in class plus we still had so much more artwork to get to this year.

    Please check out one of the websites I created.  They have daily activities for you all to do and try.  Some do not even require much more than creativity and a phone camera.

    Even though this can be a really stressful time, drawing or doing art is generally a very relaxing activity and fancy materials are not even required.  Stay safe.


    As somthing fun to look at if you are visiting my classroom page, I have been doing my own artwork here at home.  Just to show you that it sometimes takes awhile, I have been taking pictures of my progress.  Check back to see how it is coming.....

    Sketch prior to starting...     Painting on a cheap painting purchased from Dollar General

    Looking purplish because the background is mixing with the blue paint...     Dark blue background...

    Changed dark blue to greyish to match the room better.  Started adding the suction cups on legs...     Getting closer to completion...