• Garrett Morgan School Of Engineering & Innovation Staff Directory

    Administrative Team

    Administrative Directory
    Title Name Email  
    Principal Mr. Quenton Davis EMAIL
    Assistant Principal Mr. Edmenson Suggs EMAIL
    Assistant Principal Mrs. Nancy Cosner EMAIL  
    Campus Coordinator Ms. Annie Drechsler EMAIL  
    Say Yes Family Support Specialist Mr. Aaron Jones EMAIL  

    Teaching Team

    Teaching Team
    Name Subject Email
    Adkins, Emily English  EMAIL
    Asberry, Michelle Counselor (Last Names A-L) EMAIL
    Aufmuth, Kevin Physical Education & Health  EMAIL
    Breininger, Jason Engineering EMAIL
    Cass, Caleb Science EMAIL
    Cecil, Phillip English EMAIL
    Coppola, Caroline  Social Sciences EMAIL
    Dahlberg, Lucy Intervention Specialist  EMAIL
    Elliot, Maureen Intervention Specialist  EMAIL
    Geroux, Jessica  Spanish and Computer Science EMAIL
    Goose, MaryJane Intervention Specialist  EMAIL
    Gould, Brittany Math EMAIL
    Herman. Catherine Science EMAIL 
    Herner, Emily Intervention Specialist EMAIL 
    Heyd, Anthony Math EMAIL
    Horne, Michelle Counselor (Last Names M-Z)   EMAIL
    James, Khalilah Intervention Specialist EMAIL
    Kelly, Jamie Art  EMAIL
    Kothareddy, Sara  Engineering EMAIL
    Kraker, Laura Math  EMAIL
    Kumari, Santi Science  EMAIL
    Lemerise, Shawnna English  EMAIL
    McCoury, Chandler Intervention Specialist EMAIL 
    Meyers, Chad Social Sciences  EMAIL
    Newton, Connor Social Studies EMAIL 
    Noel, Rema Intervention Specialist  EMAIL
    Patterson, Melissa Intervention Specialist  EMAIL
    Schonhiutt, Rachel Math EMAIL 
    Smith, Donald TESOL EMAIL 
    Teubert, John Computer Science  EMAIL
    Vega, Alexis Intervention Specialist  EMAIL

    Building Support Team

    Support Team
    Title Name
    Secretary Sharae Smith
    Planning Center Marysa Brogan
    Athletic Director Connor Newton
    Paraprofessional Jasmine Guevara
    Paraprofessional OPEN
    5 C Coordinator D'Taihjuan Buchannon
    Paraprofessional OPEN
    ELL Support Angel Rodriguez
    Interpreter  Nick Walters
    Bilingual Asst. Angelica Vazquez
    Psychologist Karen Scebbi
    O.T. OPEN
    Transition Coordinator Felecia Douglas
    Nurse OPEN
    Security Jhondral White
    Security Joshua DeJesus
    Security OPEN
    Custodian Brian Reading
    Ast. Custodian Chuck Schutt
    Environmental Sp. Samuel Hamilton 
    Lunch  Hazel Reiif