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Our Design Approach

Adopted in 2012, the work of The Cleveland Plan is helping our scholars grow and achieve.  To build on the momentum of The Cleveland Plan, in 2017 we embarked on a journey to systematically empower all school leadership teams to assume increasing responsibility for the instructional design and programming at their schools. Our Central Office Support Plan work was created to respond to a compelling “why”, to accelerate gains for students to ensure all are well-prepared to thrive in college, career and community leadership.


Clarified aims, expectations and CMSD’s systematic response to performance and support needs


More coherent academic services and supports


Greater collaboration and accountability across all levels

Vision 20-24

Our scholars deserve learning and teaching opportunities that leads them to our profile of a graduate.  Our “business” is education, and the outcome of the work is a graduate. Having determined the skills and mindsets we want to develop in all CMSD graduates, we must now narrow our focus to ensure all schools get there. We continue to believe we have the talent, knowledge and skill to dramatically improve learning and teaching. As such we will intensify our focus on supporting high quality learning and teaching!

The Cleveland Plan is working to help our scholars grow and achieve. We continue to believe we have the talent, knowledge and skill to dramatically improve learning and teaching. As such we will intensify our focus on supporting high quality learning and teaching!

Goals for 2020 – 2021(under construction)

Below is a list of Goals for SY 2020 – 2021, please click each goal for more information:

  • Socialize an understanding of CMSD's Profile of a graduate
  • Socialize an understanding of the core tenants, terms and practice associated with high quality learning and teaching
  • Socialize an understanding of the implementation priorities [or essentials ] in an effort to support incremental change and focus in practice
  • Communicate expectations for high quality learning and teaching
  • Identify and establishing systems and structures in support of high quality learning and teaching
  • Establish a foundational culture of cooperation, coordination and collaboration within the academic leadership
  • Encourage faculty and staff to learn, observe and practice

  • Identify and document mechanisms for gathering data necessary for principal, school, network, and central office standards of excellence
  • Build a district wide understanding of the metrics CMSD will watch, aligned to new standards of excellence.
  • Establish and communicate CMSD’s timeline for progress monitoring metrics, along with expected actions to take in response.
  • Conduct targeted trainings for principals, central office, and network teams on new standards of excellence to build an understanding and use of them.

  • Updating and Improving Existing Flexibility and Decision-Making Rights Guidance
  • Improving Processes Supporting the Implementation of Flexibilities With a Specific Focus on Curriculum / Textbooks Choices for SY20-21
  • Communicating and Building Capacity Around Flexibilities and Decision-Making Rights

  • Leverage our time with Principals, during the Principals Leadership Institute (PLI) to implement CMSD’s Tier 1 capacity-building syllabus
  • Create and introduce a school leader self-assessment tool, which is content that will inform the Tier II syllabi options
  • Identify and codify structures, roles and tools that will support the Tier II communities of practice
  • Clarify roles and decisions making rights for professional learning/capacity building efforts

  • Confirm and communicate a vision of excellence--including bottom line expectations-- for each role associated with supporting schools and networks, with a priority on network support leader, content specialists, operations manager, and action team coach
  • Identify the ways in which supports will be disseminated to Networks/schools
  • Hire for new operations manager role and transition Barrier Breaker role
  • Hire for new content specialists and transition Action Team Coach role
  • Roll out structures to ensure coordination among task forces/working groups
  • Design and launch comprehensive capacity building supports to ensure all network-affiliated personnel have access to strong training and supports
  • Design and pilot the systems needed to align school based needs with network tiered supports and PLCs

  • Launch Striving for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Insite webpage (as an anchor resource)
  • Leverage CEO messaging and other CMSD/Departmental opportunities
  • Establish core messaging
  • Design and distribute communication materials
  • Additional communication related actions steps are embedded in Goals 1 – 5

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