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  • How do you translate Schoology to different languages? 

    Click the links below for how to translate Schoology into many different languages. 

    ¿Cómo se traduce Schoology a diferentes idiomas?
    Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para saber cómo traducir Schoology a muchos idiomas diferentes.


    Video to Translate Schoology to Arabic (فيديو لترجمة Schoology إلى العربية)

    Spanish Schoology Translation Video (Video de traducción de Schoology en español)

    Somali Schoology Translation Video (Video Turjumaad Aqoonyahan Soomaaliyeed)



  • FAQ with Dr. Monell

    Posted by Ajayi Monell on 9/1/2020

    Frequently Asked Parent Questions About Distance Learning: 

    1. Is every student or every household getting a device? Right now, it is 1 device for every 3 Harper scholars in a household. The district's long term goal is to have a device for every scholar. 

    2. Can someone else pick up the device for my scholar? No. It needs to be a parent or guardian, as there is official documentation from the district that needs to be signed. 

    3. Will there be more tech pick up days? Yes. We are working on those days and times. 

    4. I haven't hear from my son/duaghter's teacher. When should I hear? Any day now! Please make sure you are signed up for Class Dojo. 

    5. What if we have trouble connecting to the internet or the computer breaks or we get kicked off or we can't get the link to work? It is OKAY. We understand that technology is both amazing and annoying. Please contact your child's teacher if it breaks in the middle of class. If it is a different issue, you can e-mail for help. 

    6.Are teachers going to coordinate with schedules for families with multiple children? Unfortunately, we have many families, and so completely coordinating all grade level classes is virtually impossible. However, all live lessons will be recorded and posted on their teacher's schoology page for viewing later. 

    7. Where do I go on Day 1? Where is the login information for Schoology? Your child's teachers will be contacting you using ClassDojo for where to go on Day 1. Login information for Schoology will come from the district. 

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