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    Setting Up Your Child’s Space For Success



    _ Click Click Herefor the Scholastic article, 9 Tips for creating the perfect study space: Transform a space for your child to get homework done better, faster, and more comfortably. 




    Many people are a combination of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Watch the one of these short videos that most matches your child’s characteristics, or watch all three!  Each video offers useful insight into setting your child up to succeed in the remote learning environment.  


    _ Click here for How To Set Up A Study Space For Visual Learners


    Characteristics of visual learners: learns well from charts, graphs, and videos - does not enjoy lectures or verbally provided directions - is detail oriented - prefers to read aloud - benefits from the use of colors - tends to write neatly 



    _ Click here for How To Set Up A Study Space For Auditory Learners   


    Characteristics of auditory learners: does well in lecture classes - easily distracted by noise - may chat with her/himself in order to understand content or directions - good listener - prefers verbal directions - can see the big picture before the small details



    _ Click here for How To Set Up A Study Space For Kinesthetic Learners 


    Characteristics of kinesthetic learners: likes to move - succeeds in lab-based courses or hands-on work - works well in groups - likes taking risks and/or trying new things - remembers DOING rather than what is read - can be impulsive