Back-to-School 2020

  • Like the rest of CMSD, Mound will being the school year in the remote learning environment. During this phase, students will be working with their teachers both synchronously (live & online) and asynchronously (working online independently). Our teachers will be using a new learning management system called Schoology. You will find instructions for logging into Schoology on the menu on the left side of this page or by clicking here. If you run into problems on your first try; don't worry! We are all new at this and know there will be small problems until we all get used to this new environment. Let's have a great 2020-2021 school year!

    Additional Help Videos for Parents – Project Act made several videos to help their parents connect with our resources. While they are Chromebook focused, they are very clear and helpful.  They are:

    o   Online Learning Intro

    o   Logging onto Clever

    o   Setting up Your Chromebook

    o   Schoology Overview 

    Rebooting Remote Learning Devices – Mound families and students should reboot their devices.  Due to the restoration of the outage that occurred yesterday this reboot will refresh access into their software platforms (i.e. Teams).  Please use these instructions for guidance on restarting student devices.  Guidance on accessing student account information is also included.