• Family Supports

    We know and have taken into account that COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the lives of the people of our community and on the lives of our children. This has been a difficult time and will continue to present challenges. All of us want the best educational experience for the children of Cleveland this year, and I hope you will keep three things in mind:

    Do what you can. Your most important job this school year is to keep your child safe, healthy and loved. If all you can manage one day is getting your child to read a book— that’s okay. On another day, you can sit side-by-side while your child is working, or help your high school student turn in her work! Whatever you can manage is okay, and we are here to support you. 

    Everything you do can be a learning experience. Children of all ages can learn so much at home. Having conversations with your children every day is one of the most important ways that children learn. Reading books, magazines, articles, and graphic novels is the best thing students can do for their learning. Cooking with your children can be a time to include math and measuring and weights and volume. Playing games with your children teaches strategy and planning. Reading the news together, or talking to your teenager about current events promotes critical thought and curiosity. 

    Seek support when you need it. When you feel overwhelmed, know that other parents and caregivers are likely experiencing the same frustration. Reach out to other parents through your school, the Family and Community Engagement Office, the Cle-PLAN Facebook page or by calling the numbers on the front of this card. Need other virtual learning options? Call our Non-Traditional Options Office at 216.838.3675. Take advantage of this and other supports available to you this year. We’re here to help!

    COVID-19 Health Hotline 


    Project ACT Foster & Homeless Support 


    Rapid Reponse Hotline 


    All Other District-Related Supports


    IT Computer Support


    Social Services (food, health, housing, basic needs) 

    Dial 211

    School Choice & Enrollment Hotline


    24-Hour Suicide Hotline


    Family and Community Engagement


    Domestic Violence Hotline


    Multicultural Multilingual Support


    Ohio Mental Health Crisis Hotline

    Text 4HOPE to 741741

     Special Education Office