Finance Division of Accounts Payable

  • Our mission is to provide timely and accurate expenditure processing of

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District funds while maintaining an

    exceptional level of customer service and financial control.


    All processing procedures in Accounts Payable are consistent with the 

    Cleveland Metropolitan School District and the State of Ohio guidelines. 

    The Accounts Payable Division is an essential support function in

    Educating Cleveland’s Children.

    Accounts Payable Contacts

    1111 Superior Ave E
    Cleveland, Ohio 44114
    Hours: 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.
    MAIN PHONE: 216-838-0380 (Centrally managed voicemail - 24-hour response)

    Ebony BootheAccounts Payable Manager - (216) 838-0385

    Bernie EichnerTechnical Support - (216) 838-0416

    Accounting Rep


    Ebony Boothe Email
    Accounts Payable Manager
    AP Invoice Manager, Cash Advances, Returned Checks, Remittance Issues
    Arlene Schaefer Email
    G, I, J, U, V, X, Y
    Betty Kucinski Email
    W, Food Service, Trades, Jane Adams Kitchen
    Danielle Hampton Email
    A, F, H, K, L, P, R, AT&T Utilities*
    Derrick Clark Email
    D, E, M, Q, S, 
    Sonora Cox  Email
    Utilities*, B, C, N, O, T, Z
    Bridget Seneff Email
    Advance Ohio/Plain Dealer, Uniglobe

    All Supplier Invoices, Statements, and request for payment status should be submitted to 

    *All Utility Invoices, Bills & Statements, Disconnection Notices should be submitted to

    Please bear in mind that the USPS has been experiencing delays in the delivery of the mail. So additional processing time may be added to the normal mail delivery schedule.