• Vision of Learning & Teaching


    In our pursuit of a more fair, just and good system of education, it is CMSD’s vision that each of our learners, both each of our scholars and each of their educators, is individually and collectively presented with academically/intellectually complex tasks that are worthy of their productive struggle and allows them authentic opportunities to demonstrate their work and their learning of academic content and transferable skills in a joyful and adventurous environment.


    Our Guiding Principles

    • All students have equity of access and the opportunity to participate regardless of location in an exciting program that challenges them to be creators of knowledge, not just consumers of knowledge.
    • Family and Student Voice and Choice
    • Personalized support to finish and accelerate learning aligned to a student’s academic needs focused on a few key standards per grade level in core subjects.
    • Creative and risk-taking exploration of academic content with authentic demonstrations of learning.
    • Enrichments and connections to the community and community partners.