• Hello Eagles Families,  

    Did you know that our school's name is changing? Over the last four weeks we have had the opportunity to provide name suggestions for the renaming of our school.  Now we need your help! It is important to us that your voices are heard in this decision. We need every parent/guardian to vote, our goal is 100% parent participation! There are several options for how you can submit your vote.  

    1.    Vote online: The links are available below. First view the options for the new name to learn more about the nominees. Then, rank the names that you like most in order from 1-3! 

    2.    Vote in person: Visit the School and see Ms. Wimberly or Mr. Henley to review the nominees and submit your vote.  

    3.    Vote via Telephone: Contact Ms. Wimberly at 216-401-8945 or Mr. Henley at 216-538-7868 to review the nominees and submit your vote.  

    The voting window closes on March 15, 2022. Please take the time to vote, as changing the name  

    of our school is final and impacts all of us. Again, our goal is to ensure that every voice is heard. IF 

    you have any questions about the renaming process, please call the school at 216-838-4400.