• Project Descriptions: Grades 1 – 2


    “Smart Products, Smart Consumers”

    Your community is having an invention contest. The winner of this contest will be given a chance to have their inventions manufactured and sold in a local store. You will want to make sure that your invention will be unique and interesting so that people will want to buy it. You and your team have decided to study what products your local community may be interested in. Remember, new inventions and products can make our lives easier. Once you decide on what you will invent, you will need to create a model that you can enter into the contest for the judges to see.

    “We Bought a Zoo” (AB Hart only)

    Students will be challenged with creating a model of new zoo habitat for animals that are currently mistreated. This will include a play area, sleeping area, and enrichment activity. 

    I Love the Land

    “A Sister City”

    Your city has many things that make it special. Your city has probably grown and changed over the years. The land, the people, and culture are unique to your city. In this task, you are going to choose another city in the world to learn about. This "sister city" will have many similarities to your city, but there will also be many different things about this city. It is important to study and learn about different places, people, and locations around the world.

    “Goods and Services” (Whitney Young and Adlai Stevenson only)

    Oh No! Due to the financial burden of COVID, many businesses had to close. This has affected our community’s ability to buy, sell, and have access to goods and services. This means there will be space available in the Lee Harvard Shopping Center for a new business. What will they do with this storefront? What can we do to help bring goods and services back into our community? What new business could replace the empty storefront? That’s where you come in! Students involved with this project will research what type of business they would like to open in our community at the Lee Harvard Shopping Center. 


    “Drums and Vibrations”

    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is interested in creating an exhibit about the importance of drums in different types of music. Musicians use drums to help keep the beat. They are played by striking the drum with a hand or stick. The material used to make the drum and the material used to hit the drum can affect how the drum sounds. The size and shape of the drum can also affect the sound it makes. Drummers use many different drums to make different sounds. Your task in this project is to create working drums using many different materials. You and your project group will perform a song using the different types of drums you create.