• Family School Compact

    School Year 2023-2024

    School Goals

    Whitney M. Young PreK-8’s goals are to continue to implement and provide personalized learning to our scholars.  Additionally, to provide a multi-tiered reading support system and to provide math tasks that support reasoning and problem solving

    Parent-Teacher conferences will be held three times a year in October 2023, February 2024, and April 2024.

    Student Achievement updates will be provided at Open-House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, and through Classroom Dojo

    Teachers, Families, Scholars – Together for Success

    The Classroom

    • Parents and educators will embark on a purposeful collaborative journey to promote a rigorous, personalized, and equitable school environment.
    • Educators will utilize Classroom Dojo to communicate with families about the progress of their scholar(s), including grades, behavior, and academic opportunities. 
    • Educators will work with families to support a healthy and caring school culture rooted in emotional and academic support and growth.

    At Home

    • Monitoring attendance (virtual and in person) and notifying the main office when scholars are absent.
    • Consistently reviewing school website and social media, Classroom Dojo and Schoology
    • Creating a school/workspace at home
    • Making sure that homework is completed.
    • Monitoring electronic device usage.
    • Ensuring that scholars get regular rest.
    • Promoting positive use of a scholar’s extracurricular time
    • Staying informed about my scholar’s education and communication with the school by promptly reading all notices from the school or the school district
    • Participate in parent-teacher conferences and responding, as appropriate.


    • Come to school on time, ready to learn, with their necessary materials (i.e. Pencils), and work to the best of their ability.
    • All CMSD provided devices are to remain at the school and will not be taken home.
    • Attend and participate in virtual and in-person instruction.
    • Make time to study and read at least 30 minutes every day outside of school.
    • Take care of and be responsible for any technology needed to stay fully engaged in virtual instruction.
    • Seek the help of adults in the building to resolve conflicts.
    • Give to parents or the adults responsible for scholar welfare all notices and information received from school every day.
    • Work collaboratively with parents, educators, and peers.
    • Wearing the appropriate prescribed attire according to the CMSD student dress code (pg. 4-5)
    • All students will use the prescribed Yondr cell phone pouches to store their cell phones during school hours.
    • Elementary scholars (grades K-5) will complete 2 lessons in IREADY per week during school hours.
    • Middle school scholars (grades 6-8) will actively work on IREADY for 45 minutes per week during school hours.