• Requesting Public Records

    What is a Public Record?

    According to the Ohio Public Records Act, a “record” is any item that:
    • Contains information stored on a fixed medium (such as paper, computer, file, etc.);
    • Is created, received or sent under the jurisdiction of a public office;
    • and Documents the organization, functions, policies, decision, procedures, operations or other activities of the office.
     In order for an item to be a public record, it must be “kept” by the public office (CMSD). That does not mean that the item must be “required” to be maintained by the public office before it will be deemed a public record. Rather, the item must simply be the type of item typically and actually retained by the office in the ordinary course of its business in order to carry out its duties and functions. If not, then the item is not “kept” and the public office does not have an obligation to provide access to the item. It the item does not exist, the public office will not have the obligation to provide access to that item or create the item to respond to a request.
    How To Request A Public Record from the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

    By Email 


    By Fax

    Fax your request to the Cleveland Metropolitan School District's Law Department at 216.777-5300.

    By Mail

    Mail your request to:
    Law Department – Public Records Request
    Cleveland Metropolitan School District
    1111 Superior Ave E, Suite 1800
    Cleveland, OH 44114 
    * For transcripts and/or copy of diploma, please see the Transcript Request webpage

    Frequently Requested Records 

    District and School Report Cards- Ohio Department of Education -1995 to present

    Discipline- Reports on student discipline data.
    Early Learning- Reports on preschool and kindergarten student assessments.
    Enrollment- Reports related to student enrollment.
    Graduation Rate- Reports related to high school graduation rates. Note: Graduation Rates on the Report Card are from the previous year so that a complete year's data can be used, including summer school data.
    Miscellaneous- Reports that do not fit well into the other categories.
    Mobility Rates- Reports describing student mobility between schools and districts.
    Participation Rate- Reports on student participation rates in the state proficiency tests.
    Performance Index- The performance index is a weighted average of all tested grades and subjects, with more weight given to higher performance levels. Comparing the performance index scores over time shows trends in school and district achievement.
    Promotions- Reports on student grade level promotions.
    Ratings- Reports on district and building ratings, annual yearly progress, and school improvement.
    Revenue and Expenditures- Reports on revenue per pupil and expenditures per pupil. Note: The revenue and expenditure data for a school year is released in the October following that school year.
    Student Attendance- Reports on student attendance rates.
    Teacher Data- Reports related to teachers, including attendance rates, certifications, and classroom pupil/teacher ratios.
    Test Results- Reports on the results of the state tests.
    User Guide- Instructions on how to download the ILRC User's Guide.