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CMSD selects 'investment schools,' seeks community input on reform plan

CLEVELAND - Thirteen low-performing schools in the Cleveland Metro district are being invested in as part of a plan to enhance learning and teaching.

Some of the changes the below under-performing schools will see include shifted personnel, more training and more class time.
1. Robert H. Jamison at Moses Cleveland
2. Luis Muñoz Marín
3. Mound School
4. Kenneth Clement Boys Leadership Academy
5. Case (K-8)
6. Walton (K-8)
7. Franklin D. Roosevelt Academy
8. Robinson G. Jones
9. Anton Grdina (PreK-8)
10. Carl & Louis Stokes Central Academy (PreK-8)
11. John Adams Campus (9-12)
12. Lincoln-West (9-12)
13. Collinwood High School

The schools will get levy dollars from Issue 107, which passed in November, to test the pilot initiatives. Exactly how the funds will be distributed has not determined because the plan is only in draft stage.
CMSD CEO Eric Gordon wants to get input about the plan from the community.

"We want to work smarter, not harder and give the opportunity to reflect on what can be done differently," said Gordon.
Improved student and staff attendance and moral are other areas the plan aims to focus on. "We want to assure buildings are clean, attractive and that we integrate technology school-wide for training, coaching investments. Hold us accountable and help us achieve."
There are two other phases that weren't detailed, but Gordon said improvements to other schools in the district would be made over the next two years.
"We can refine the plan as a community together," said Gordon. "We need all community, staff and business partners to come together around the investment schools. We are invested. Are you in?"

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