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Schools find eclipse illuminating (video and photo gallery)

While a partial solar eclipse cast a shadow over Cleveland, it brightened up classrooms all across the District.

CMSD students learned about and witnessed the wonder of the solar eclipse on Monday. From creating their own pinhole viewing devices to celebrating with safe viewing parties outside, many teachers planned educational activities to mark this rare celestial event -- an eclipse that occurred only in the United States.

At Case and Riverside Schools, students constructed viewing devices using simple materials like card stock and cereal boxes.
The ninth-graders at MC²STEM High School in the Great Lakes Science Center built more complicated pinhole projectors in their engineering class and enjoyed other hands-on eclipse experiences all day. The students also received NASA viewing glasses from the Great Lakes Science Center, where the school watched the historic solar eclipse on the front lawn.
Students at Campus International School also wore special glasses to view the eclipse when it was near totality in Cleveland about 2:30 p.m.

CMSD posted online resources about the solar eclipse for educators and families. This was the first coast-to-coast solar eclipse in 99 years. Cleveland will experience a total solar eclipse in 2024