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Browns present new helmets to Rhodes football team (Video)





Members of the James F. Rhodes football team received a huge surprise Tuesday morning when they attended a closed Browns practice.

At the end of practice, Browns players unveiled new helmets for the Rhodes football team.

“I thought we were coming just to watch a practice,” said DeShawn Coleman, a senior at James F. Rhodes College and Career Academy. Rhodes College and Career and the Rhodes School of Environmental Studies share a campus and the football team.  

The new helmets are part of the Browns Helmet program, through which fans nominate a team to receive $25,000 worth of helmets.

Rhodes gets new helmets

 “Schools are nominated, and then we have a random drawing for schools to win,” said Jenner Tekancic, Browns vice president of community relations. “James Rhodes was one of two lucky winners for our helmets this year.”

The second school has yet to be announced.

Meijer, football gear maker Xenith and University Hospitals are also part of the program.

Rhodes players will wear their new helmets on Friday during their season opener against Gilmour Academy.

At a recent Browns practice, the team  surprised  Glenville and John Hay football teams with new uniforms. The donation was announced last year, but the players did not know when they would receive the gear.