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School building opens after cleaning to allay Ebola fears

A building shared by two CMSD high schools opened on schedule this morning after crews worked overnight to thoroughly sanitize the building and allay concerns about exposure to the Ebola virus.
Workers began cleaning early this morning after a teacher who works at E³agle Academy reported that she may have come in contact with someone who has been diagnosed with the virus. Though health officials said there was no risk to students and staff, the District ordered the cleaning to ease concerns about the former Cranwood School, a building E³agle shares with PACT (the Problem-based Academy of Critical Thinking.)
Chief Operating Officer Patrick Zohn worked for 4 ½ hours alongside crews who, per recommendations from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, cleaned the building with a bleach-based solution. Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon arrived at the school about 90 minutes before opening, greeted students, family members and staff and answered questions from reporters.
Gordon expressed thanks to employees who cleaned the building, provided security and alerted the public to the situation. He said he was particularly grateful to students who reported to school and their families.
The CEO also thanked the teacher for reporting the concern and giving crews the opportunity to mobilize. The teacher will remain at home on paid leave for the balance of a three-week monitoring period. 
E³agle and PACT are new school models developed with a $3 million grant from the Carnegie Corp. of New York. The schools, which combined have more than 200 students, began a year-round schedule on July 28. 
For parents who want further information on Ebola, CMSD has posted answers to a series of Frequently Asked Questions. To read the material click here.