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Teachers, other staff hone skills on students' day off

While CMSD students had the day off Friday, teachers and other employees headed to training throughout the District to improve their skills.

Agendas for the sessions varied widely. Examples included:

  • More than 200 teachers in kindergarten through third grade gathered at Cuyahoga Community College’s Corporate College East to discuss how they can sustain momentum in reading proficiency.
  • Dozens of school secretaries converged on John Adams High School for a daylong program aimed at strengthening the frontline of customer service and making it “best in class.”
  • As many as 400 teachers and other staff met at 18 locations for training in CPR, part of a push to teach the lifesaving technique to as many employees and students as possible.
  • Prekindergarten teachers reported to the East Professional Center. The training supports the goal of PRE4CLE, an effort by CMSD and private providers to enroll as many 3- and 4-year-olds in high-quality preschool.

Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon kicked off the Early Learning Conference at Corporate College by applauding teachers for raising third-grade reading proficiency last school year.

Less than half of the third-graders were proficient at the start of school, but the level increased to 78 percent by summer, ensuring those children met Ohio’s Third Grade Guarantee and earned promotion to fourth grade. Gordon said early data on third-grade reading this year is promising.

“You are growing our kids,” he said. “They are catching up because of your stewardship, because of your leadership, because of your teaching.”

CMSD had nearly 600 employees trained in CPR before Friday, also known as “Cleveland Saves a Life Day,” said Deborah Aloshen, director of health and nursing services.

Aloshen would like to see several thousand people trained before the end of 2015, including students who are middle school age or older. She said certified CMSD employees are providing the instruction.