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CMSD juniors take ACT college exam

CMSD’s 3,000 high school juniors will take the ACT college admission and placement exam in their schools on Tuesday, a convenience that District leaders hope will serve as a step toward higher education.

This is the fourth consecutive year that CMSD has served as an ACT site and paid for juniors to take the test. The District also piloted the SAT college exam in select schools this year.

The practice grew out of CMSD’s relationship with the Higher Education Compact of Greater Cleveland. Mayor Frank G. Jackson formed the compact in 2011 to ensure that more District graduates attend and complete college or other postsecondary education.

“If we are going to move toward a career and college readiness culture, we have to ensure that all of our children are taking a career and college readiness assessment,” said Karen Thompson, the District’s deputy chief of curriculum and instruction.

CMSD’s graduation rate has increased 12 points since 2011 and has reached a record 64.3 percent.

According to the most recent data compiled by the Higher Education Compact, fewer CMSD graduates need remediation when they arrive at college and more are staying the course until they graduate. But the numbers enrolling in higher education have slipped in the compact’s last two reports, raising questions about whether cost is a factor.