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Listen to CMSD students' winning essays on "A Christmas Carol"

Fear not,  Mr. Scrooge: If you hadn't yet changed your ways and somehow missed the Christmas Eve radio broadcast of the winning entries by CMSD students in this year's Great Lakes Theater Christmas Carol Writing Contest, there is still time for your reclamation.
Because while you were off with the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future, mankind invented the Internet and your tale -- as told by bright and talented Cleveland students -- is archived  online at WCPN. Or you can listen right here.
 Inspired by Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol," the six original grand-prize winning stories were chosen from more than 1,700 submissions for the annual competition to receive dramatic readings by cast members of the Great Lakes Theater company. A group of 51 winners from 23 schools were first selected  before the grand prizes were awarded.
In one version, Tiny Tim goes missing and Scrooge ends up jetting around the world to find him. In another, the story is told from the ghosts' point of view.  
WCPN "The Sound of Applause" host Dee Perry also interviews the winners, who represent themselves well as young artists and ambassadors of the District.
The winners were:

Yamaiya Jackson, Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy sixth-grader

Mariam Altuhaimer, Robinson G. Jones School eighth-grader

McKenna Jablonske, Cassandra Naider & Emily Pikturna, Newton D. Baker School of Arts seventh-graders

Brenda Gomez, Douglas MacArthur Girls Leadership Academy sixth-grader

Judy Gross, Denison School sixth-grader

Amani Rogers, Whitney M. Young Leadership Academy eighth-grader