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CSA honor students perform dance routine online (Video)



Some might argue that teaching core classes like reading and math remotely can be difficult. But how about teaching a dance honors class where students are graded on their performances?  

“It is tough to learn choreography over the internet,” said Taniya, a senior at Cleveland School of the Arts. 

Amanda Clark, a CSA dance teacher, says there was a lot of trial and error when trying to introduce new choreography.  

 “My camera was flipped so students didn’t know which direction they should move,” said Clark. 

Amanda Clark - CSA Dance Teacher

Clark started wearing a brightly colored wristband, so her students would know right from left. 

Another challenge is re-creating the energy.  

“When you are around people you can kind of feed off other people’s energy,” said Ololade, who is in the 11th grade at CSA. “When you are by yourself in front of a camera it is not the same.”   

Clark says it is not something that can be duplicated.  

“The closest thing I can do is record a piece that we are working on and then share the video with my students,” she said.  

Recently, Clark recorded a dance in Zoom to the song “What They’ll Say About Us” by Finneas.  

Taniya and Ololade perform a duet during the dance.   

Two CSA students

“I could feel like we were doing the same choreography, and I could feel an energy,” said Taniya.  

Clark says this performance represents the current state of affairs from remote learning, the pandemic and racial tensions across the country. 

“There is a lot of heaviness that is happening,” she said. “And we rely on the younger generation to make a change and give us hope.” 

Ololade says it was nice to be a part of the virtual performance.  

“It made me proud,” said Ololade. “This is what we have to work (during remote learning). 

Clark says she is proud of her students.  

“It was really nice to sit back and see them moving together,” she said.