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CMSD, CTU want Cleveland to be known as Kindland






CMSD and the Cleveland Teachers Union want Cleveland to also be known as Kindland.

The District and CTU are partnering with the Values-in-Action Foundation (Project Love) in an initiative designed to make the city feel kinder, gentler, more empathetic, more caring and more supportive.

“This aligns with our new Vision for Learning,” District CEO Eric Gordon said. “As part of that vision, we are concentrating on development of the whole child, and that includes the child’s social and emotional wellbeing.”

Lawn signs, posters and magnetic bumper stickers declaring Cleveland to be Kindland will be available to schools for display and distribution, starting in January.

Students, teachers, parents, caregivers and grandparents will be encouraged to take a Kindland pledge and enroll as citizens of Kindland. The Values-in-Action Foundation will provide schools with guidance and materials for activities that support the program’s principles.

“The spread of kindness won’t stop at the edges of school property,” CEO Gordon said. “The goal is to have the warmth envelop businesses and the entire community.”

Social and emotional learning is nothing new for CMSD. The District has long been viewed as a national model for its Humanware program.

“The world can often seem to be a dangerous and threatening place, especially to children,” Gordon said. “We want to help make Cleveland an exception. We want to help our city be known far and wide as Kindland.”