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Historic Friendly Inn Hosts CEO Morgan's First Listen and Learn Town Hall



Nearly 70 people showed up at the Friendly Inn Settlement on Thursday evening for the first of two Town Hall Listening Tour sessions hosted by CMSD CEO Dr. Warren Morgan. The Town Hall was an expansion of a series of smaller listening tour sessions that had been held in coffee shops or cafes around Cleveland during the past two months.

 “We were very pleased with the community turnout and the active engagement of those in attendance,” said Dr. Morgan.

“Not only were the attendees well informed on CMSD issues, but they also came prepared to ask important questions on how we as a community can continue to improve the delivery of education in the District,” added Dr. Morgan.

During each of the past listening tour events, attendees were asked to provide written responses to three questions:


  • What is needed to improve the quality of education in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District for students and families.
  • How can we best partner to accomplish those goals?
  • If you were CEO, what would be your first course of action?


The format remained the same for the Townhall event, with one key difference. Dr. Morgan invited the audience to ask him questions regarding any issues concerning or affecting the delivery of a CMSD education.

The CEO gave candid responses to questions ranging from school discipline, increased vocational education offerings, safety and security, school uniforms, to the budget challenges most districts will encounter with the coming elimination of federal dollars that were provided to help schools navigate the pandemic.

"Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc. was happy that CMSD's new CEO Dr. Warren Morgan met with families and community partners to hear their concerns about the District," said Yolanda Armstrong, President and CEO of Friendly Inn Settlement, Inc.

"Thank you for your patience and sensitivity in answering issues that affect many Central neighborhood families.  Friendly Inn, a CMSD community partner for over 40 years, looks forward to continuing a beneficial partnership that benefits our young scholars," she added.

Another Listening Tour Townhall will be held at the Near Westside Theater on Monday, October 9th from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. All are welcome and are encouraged to come up with questions for CEO Mogran.