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Seminar Offerings


Freshman Seminar  

Course Description: Freshman seminar is a semester course meant to help incoming students transition into the culture and academic rigor of the Cleveland School of Science and Medicine. This course will cover, organization, study and note-taking techniques, academic adjustments to college preparatory rigor, graduation requirements, appropriate Netiquette, utilization of Naviance and JupiterGrades, choosing an academic pathway, soft skills for success and more. Prerequisites: None


Senior Seminar

Course Description: Senior seminar is an intensive workshop designed to walk students through the college application process. From exploring college and scholarship options to designing and writing college application and scholarship essays, to requesting and getting strong recommendations. Students who stay with the pacing of the class will find that they finish the semester with all the “nuts and bolts” of their college search completed and the chance to enjoy their last semester of high school relatively stress-free with their applications, scholarships, FAFSA, and recommendations complete.