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Not On Out Watch (N.O.W) Team

NOT ON OUR WATCH is a student-centered anti-bullying program that is designed to empower students to work to decrease instances of bullying behavior within their schools and communities. The goal of the program is to foster a climate that makes it uncomfortable to engage in bullying behavior by decreasing the number of student bystanders while increasing the number of upstanders. Each K-8 and high school in the Cleveland Metropolitan School District has NOW (Not on Our Watch) student leaders who have been trained to answer the following questions:

  • What is bullying behavior?
  • What are the types of bullying behaviors?
  • What are the results of bullying behavior?
  • Do I engage in bullying behavior?
  • What can I do to decrease instances of bullying behavior?

The NOW leaders have learned strategies to assist and support the victims of bullying behavior.


WAVE: Mediation Program

Mediation: Winning Against Violent Environments (W.A.V.E) 

Students learn and participate in techniques of conflict management and become agents of change by taking skills, such as effective decision making, communication, and problem solving, into the classroom and the community.  With adult guidance, young people use these skills in their daily lives and provide assistance to others.

WAVE students are trained as conflict managers and mediators. The two main conflict resolution processes used by WAVE are a formal mediation model and a less formal process for use on the playground, cafeteria, or in the classroom. Under an additional "student trainer" model, the students teach lessons and lead training activities involving other students in the building.