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Students honored school’s founder on Ted Ginn Sr. Day (Video)


The young men who attend Ginn Academy gather in the gym for their daily morning assembly. On Tuesdays, they walk into Gospel music. 

As is tradition, the seniors walk in last.  But Tuesday, Oct. 15 may have seemed like any ordinary day -- it wasn't. It was Ted Ginn Sr. Day, declared in honor of the man who established CMSD"s Ginn Academy, the only public all-boys high school in Ohio.  

In 2013, Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson gave Ginn a key to the city and set aside Oct. 15 in honor of Ginn. And every year since then, there has been a celebration of sorts at the high school bearing his name.  

These young men appreciate all he has done for them.  

"He has done such good things with the school,” said Michael, a Ginn Academy junior. “He has given scholarships to those who’ve earned it, and it goes to show you can aim big if you try.” 

For the last four decades Ginn has dedicated his life to giving back to the community. He is football and track coach at Glenville High School but says he coaches more than sports.  

“You know everybody calls me coach,” said Ginn.  “But I don't coach just football, I coach people that of life.”  

He has coached hundreds of boys to become young men. Boys, who at one time some may have considered to be “at risk.”  But with the school, he encouraged them to go to college and be productive members of society; some have been talented enough to play sports on the collegiate and pro levels. Like Deeion, who says he was just accepted to play basketball at Alabama A&M with Ginn’s help.  

"It has been a memorable day,” said Deeion, a Ginn Academy senior. “I remember my eighth-grade year, when I came to visit. It was on Ted Ginn Sr. Day. That day will always be memorable.  That is the reason I came here, because I seen the family and the commitment Ted Ginn put into this school, and I wanted to be a part of that.”   

Many spoke Coach Ginn’s praises on this day, including his wife.  

“We love him, we honor him and we adore him,” Jeanette Ginn said.  

Ginn has made an impact on many lives, but he is determined to continue to help many more. And during it all, he remains humble.  

“I don't do it to be recognized,” Ginn said.  “I think the recognition that I need is when people and children be successful and are moving forward."