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CMSD to introduce streamlined student information system




CMSD parents will soon have a one-stop online platform where they can perform an array of tasks such as finding their children’s school records, submitting forms and communicating with teachers.

PowerSchool, scheduled for rollout in the District at the beginning of August, will let them do things like check grades, give consent for medical care or change contact and insurance information with a single sign-on and while using any device.

School leaders and staffs also will benefit. PowerSchool will create a single storehouse for functions and processes like scheduling, attendance reporting, finance and training. It will incorporate Schoology, the District’s primary learning platform.

Data and other information will be available quickly to families, school administrators and staff. No paperwork, no delays.

“We already have anywhere, anytime learning, with a device for every student,” Chief Information Officer Curtis Timmons said. “This gives parents anywhere, anytime access to their children’s school information.”

PowerSchool serves more than 45 million students worldwide and 93 of the 100 largest school districts in the United States.

Between now and the rollout, CMSD will help parents and educators become better acquainted with PowerSchool. Look for a video with navigation instructions and periodic emails that provide tips for use.