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Tri-C to reward attendance, grades

CMSD’s attendance campaign has received a boost from Cuyahoga Community College, which will offer full scholarships to District seniors who have a B average and are on track to have fewer than 10 absences in their senior years.

With support form the Tri-C Foundation, the college will provide a $2,500 scholarship to one senior from each of the 28 CMSD high schools that will have graduating classes this year.

The scholarships can be renewed for a second year. Recipients must attend the college full time in the fall semester after graduating from high school.

“Tri-C has a long history of collaborating with CMSD to implement initiatives that increase the number of Cleveland high school students who are motivated to pursue postsecondary education and prepared to succeed in college,” Tri-C President Alex Johnson said. “Academic success begins with students being in class ready to learn.”

CMSD Chief Executive Officer Eric Gordon expressed gratitude for the scholarships.

“The ongoing commitment and partnership that we have with Tri-C will continue to help more students compete for and succeed in the jobs of tomorrow,” he said.

CMSD launched the attendance campaign, “Get 2 School. You Can Make It!” in July. When the second semester ended in December, the District was on course to achieve its goal of reducing the number of students with 10 or more absences in a year by 10 percent.

Districts nationwide face problems with chronic absenteeism, which some school systems define as missing as many as 20 days. Gordon says CMSD has set a high bar by trying to keep students from missing half that number.

Data shows that CMSD students who miss 10 or more days are 9 percent less likely to comply with Ohio’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee. They score an average of 12 points lower on state reading tests and 15 points lower on math tests. High school students are 34 percent less likely to graduate.