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7/7/22: Verizon bringing tech, training to 5 more schools

Five more CMSD schools have been added to the Verizon Innovative Learning program, doubling the number of participating District schools. A school in the earlier group, Miles Park, later obtained additional funding for a learning lab with 3-D printers and other equipment. 




Five more CMSD schools are joining the Verizon Innovative Learning program, receiving devices and support that will help students develop digital skills.

Students and teachers at Douglas MacArthur Girls’ Leadership Academy, Euclid Park School, Garfield School, George Washington Carver STEM School and Kenneth W. Clement Boys’ Leadership Academy will receive iPads with data plans. Each school will also get a full-time coach to help teachers integrate technology into lessons.

The program will now be available in 10 CMSD schools. District schools that are already participating include Almira, Miles Park, Stephanie Tubbs Jones, Wade Park and Whitney M. Young.

“This expansion continues Verizon’s commitment to ensuring underserved communities have access to technology and the skills needed to engage in the digital economy,” said Jessica Cohen, Verizon’s, director of community engagement. “We could not be more pleased to grow our partnership with the Cleveland Metropolitan School District to put more technology and connectivity in the hands of students.”

Verizon, in partnership with Digital Promise, is expanding digital inclusion by focusing on middle and high school grades at select schools across the country.

Verizon Innovative Learning has now spread to more than 560 schools nationwide. By 2030, the telecommunications company plans to provide 10 million children across the country with digital skills training.

The schools that just joined the program will have additional grant opportunities. Each school in the earlier group obtained funding for a learning lab equipped with virtual reality equipment, 3-D printers and other technology.

Verizon’s efforts add to empowerCMSD, a broader CMSD effort to make sure all students have the technology and skills they need to be successful.

CMSD provides a device for every student and internet access for families who need it. The District is also installing interactive Clevertouch screens in classrooms and has equipped buses with Wi-Fi, so students are connected at home, school and in between.