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H. Barbara Booker students move to new building (Video)




Students from H. Barbara Booker School moved Wednesday into a new three-story 57,500-square-feet building. Taking it all in on the first day, Principal Nicholas Scheibelhood described the new surroundings as amazing.

"The building doesn't make the education, but it sure does help," he said. "It's just a fun place to be, totally different from our old building."

The building is on the site of the former Halle elementary school near W. 73rd street. Two large stones inscribed with the Halle name were saved from Halle entrances and have been incorporated into benches at the new school.

The building features large, interactive touch screens in every classroom and open  or “extended,” learning areas where children can work on projects in teams. Furniture is comfortable and can be arranged for group work. The spacious gym and cafeteria will be available for the community to use after hours.

The design team drafted the plans with input from neighbors and the rest of the Booker school community.

Part of a continuing District modernization program, the building is the fifth that CMSD has opened this school year and the fourth in the last two months. Since 2002, CMSD has built or fully renovated 47 schools with money from the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission and local bond issues.