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CIHS' First Science Fair

Students shared their projects from biology class in our first science fair hosted by Mr. Dutton in collaboration with Dr. Molly Buckley and Cleveland State University. Our hard-working judges were Andre Del Valle, Spencer Martin, Lesley McCrae, Dr. Buckley, Dr. Kate O'Hara, Dr. Debbie Jackson, and 12th grade students at MC2STEM! The winning projects were:

'Will Coffee Affect the Growth of Mung Beans?' by Isadora Waller and Adora Ezepue
1st Overall; Plant Behavior: 1st Place


'How Does Light Affect Plant Growth?' by Michaela Anderson and Akia Harris
2nd Overall; Plant Behavior: 2nd Place
'What Type of Cat Food is a Cat's Favorite?' by Alanis Schultz and Arden Begley
3rd Overall; Animal Behavior: 1st Place

'Magnet vs. Material and Distance' by Brittny Hines and Ashanti Lamar
4th Overall: Physical Science: 1st Place


'Does Humidity Affect Plant Growth?' by Amon Komora and Breanna Roldan
5th Overall; Plant Behavior: 3rd Place


'How Does a Distraction During a Free Throw Affect a Person's Ability to Make Them?' by Ben Mullin-Vanneste and Brandyn Jones-Parks
6th Overall; Human Behavior: 1st Place


'What is the Preferable Food for Specific Cats?' by Aliyah McCoy and Amari Deloach
7th Overall; Animal Behavior: 2nd Place


'What Water-Based Solution Best Preserves Apples?' by Zaynab Shaheed and Maryam Abdul Salaam
8th Overall


'Do Colors Change Plants?' by Dade Fuller and Jackson Gustovic
9th Overall


'Can Bean Plants Grow in Sand, Rocks or Soil Faster?' by Machiah Blackman and Jayla Young
10th Overall


'Does Sugar Dissolve Faster in Hot or Cold Water?' by Kiara Elmore
Physical Science: 2nd Place

'How Well Do Squirrels Eat in Raining Weather vs. Hot Weather?' by Joshua Williams and Shayla Ray
Animal Behavior: 3rd Place