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CIHS Goes to Southerly WWTP and Mill Stream

On 5/21 and 5/22, all students at CIHS were invited to tour Southerly Wastewater Treatment Plant and perform Stream Quality Monitoring at Mill Stream in Cuyahoga Heights. We toured the facility, finding out that 125 million gallons of wastewater is treated at the facility every day! Gravity, biology and chemistry all work together to clean the water so that it can be put back into the Cuyahoga River and eventually Lake Erie.

On the second half of our trip, we tested the quality of Mill Stream (which leads to the Cuyahoga River) by searching the stream for aquatic invertebrates; testing the pH, temperature, oxygen levels and other chemical measurements; and examining the banks of the stream for insects and other signs of biodiversity.

The weather cooperated with us on both days, and the students had a wonderful time!