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2019-20 Bell Schedule Proposal

Based on feedback that we received from parents, students, and staff members during a December questionnaire regarding the 2019-20 Bell Schedule, we have proposed a new schedule to the CMSD Board of Education. This is the "final" bell schedule for CIHS for the foreseeable future, as we hope to avoid continued shifts for all of our stakeholders.

You can click here to see the "slideshow" that we went through at three focus groups that were held with students, staff, and family members in January and February. This slideshow includes major takeaways from the questionnaires as well as guidelines for how we framed the conversation to get feedback from parents regarding the final submission.

With our final submission, we sought to remain true to the following principles that are integral to the spirit of the CIHS schedule and to which all stakeholders felt committed:

  • Alignment with the CSU timetable to ensure students can take CCP classes without affecting their CIHS schedule too much and to ensure CSU volunteers can easily come over to support classes and activities at CIHS.
  • Alignment with the CIS K-8 bell schedule to avoid inconveniences for span families and to maximize use of our shared staff members.
  • Flexible time for CAS/Enrichment and Intervention Opportunities on a regular basis.
  • Dedicated Time for IB Core Class and Social-Emotional / College & Career Development

Highlights of the proposal include:

  • Start Time of 8:15 AM for students
  • End Time of 3:15 PM fo students
  • Consistent 8-Period Day for every day of the week, including the six "subject groups" and the IB Core class along with lunch.
  • Dedicated weekly CAS / Intervention period with student ability to schedule preferred specific CAS / Intervention on a quarterly basis.

You can see the proposed bell schedule here.

As always, feel free to contact Mr. Kim El-Mallawany if you have questions or need clarifications.