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Meet our New CSU Interns

A big part of our Campus International identity is our signature partnership with Cleveland State University, and one of the most prominent features of that partnership is our ongoing commitment to hosting the best and brightest of CSU's educators-in-training for their student-teaching and practicum experiences as they complete their degrees and enter the job market, hopefully to join our beloved Cleveland Metropolitan School District for the longer-term!

This year we welcome eight educators-in-training (listed below):

  • Ms. Nadya Abdelfattah (Language & Literature) - CIHS Mentor: Mr. Charles Ellenbogen
  • Mr. Haitham Kalil (Science) - CIHS Mentor: Mr. Jason Tout
  • Ms. Zoe Kunsman (Science) - CIHS Mentor: Mr. Nelson Jimenez
  • Mr. Robert Opsahl (Individuals & Societies) - CIHS Mentor: Ms. Deliana Soto
  • Ms. Kimberly Shay (Special Education) - CIHS Mentor: Mr. John Perciak
  • Ms. Lydia Tuttle (Math) - CIHS Mentor: Mr. Param Sivagurunathan
  • Ms. Jessica Walls (Counseling) - CIHS Mentor: Dr. Mia Flowers
  • Ms. Ariel Watts (Counseling) - CIHS Mentor: Dr. Mia Flowers

Our CSU Interns come to us from three specialized programs at Cleveland State, all housed in the School of Education and Human Services:

All of the above programs are highly selective and lauded for their holistic approach to developing new educators as true professionals. They each require educators-in-training to be in the school building for the vast majority of their time during the internship year, so the educators themselves truly become integrated as part of our staff and our community. Typically, they develop strong relationships with students and families just as a full-time educator would, especially as teachers are required to "take over" the majority of their mentor's teaching schedule for 10 weeks in the spring. Our students tend to benefit greatly from these relationships with CSU Interns, becoming their greatest advocates in their job search in the spring. We are lucky to have brought back one of our CSU Teaching Fellows from the 2018-19 school year as a Language & Literature teacher in our K-8. Ms. Brady Lorek also continues as our varsity girls basketball coach at the high school.

You can learn more about this year's CSU Interns or find their contact information on our staff page of our website.