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CIHS Students "Taking Action" in Climate Strike

Forty-two CIHS students took part in the worldwide Cliamte Strike inspired by Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg on Friday, September 20th. On their own, they made their way down to Public Square and both led and participated in chants and songs, sharing their frustration with the lack of political movement on Climate Change and learning about what is happening to our planet.

Taking Action is of central importance to the way our students learn at Campus International and at IB schools throughout the world. We know that our students learn best when engaging in issues firsthand. So we are always supportive of our students when they are interested in participating in actions to make their voice heard as true global citizens!

We appreciate the support of our parents who encouraged their children to participate and those who accompanied their children downtown.

Important Note [Policy] Regarding Similar Actions: This Friday's event was not school-sponsored in any way, and we regret that we were unable to provide more information regarding the activities that students were participating in at the time. When students engage in these or similar walk-out activities, the school commits to attempt to notify parents in advance and/or prompt communication with parents after students depart the premises. Students will typically not be permitted to return to school without their parents' expressed desire for them to do so. In effect, parents are signing a student out when giving their permission to leave the building. Because we support a student's right to protest, we also commit to foregoing any disciplinary consequences for participation in such activities (unless a student is failing to adhere to school personnel's requests as directed by their parent).

In order to better prepare logistically for supporting our students, we ask that if parents are aware of or are encouraging their children to participate in actions that have the potential to disrupt the school day, that they notify Principal Ameer Kim El-Mallawany or IB (DP) Coordinator Sarah Schneider as soon as possible (ideally one week in advance) so we can mobilize staff and parent support and ensure accurate messaging to families.