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Market Day Products Available

10th Grade CIHS students in the "Entrepreneurship" pathway participate in a national curriculum presented by Youth Entrepreneurs and held their first "Market Day" on Wednesday, December 18th. Students showed off their product design expertise and sold over $300 worth of products, with more still for sale!

Contact Mr. Tom Berger or our student entrepreneurs directly to inquire about purchasing any of the below products:

Beauty Products by S. Egler
Lip Scrubs, Sugar Scrubs, & Salt Soaks are some of the Beauty Products available from Shamyra Egler.

Memory Pendants by A. Bearden
Custom Memory Pendants by Augustine Bearden can be attached to necklaces and bracelets.

Anklets by K. Oliver
Anklets by Kourtney Oliver.

T-Shirts by K. Hicks
The first t-shirt line from Keshon Hicks' "City Drip" can be customized by color.

Hair Masks by J. Simmons
Jada Simmons' custom hair masks are a one-of-a-kind hair product you have to try!

Not pictured are Brendan Nolan's 3D-printed Nintendo Switch controller-holders.

Look out for new products coming in the spring! Students and families interested in the entrepreneurship pathway can reach out to Mr. Berger.