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John Marshall students walkout in protest of gun violence (Video)

Students filed out of class on the last Monday in April and walked around the John Marshall High School campus to protest gun violence.  

They chanted “End Gun Violence” and held signs emblazoned with anti-gun violence messages.  

Marshall Walkout

Students from Civics 2.0, a program where students don’t just learn about civics but live it by taking action and having a voice, organized this walkout and created a safe space for protestors to share how gun violence has changed their lives.  

“Twelve CMSD students have died due to gun violence this school year,” said Mustafa, from Civics 2.0  

Makayla Barlow, a Campus International graduate, shared how she almost died while driving to her job.  

"I was caught in the middle of crossfire,” she said. “I was rushed to University Hospitals and stayed there for two months.”  She now lives with life-altering injuries that will remain for the rest of her life.  


Makayla is now a student at Hiram College and wants to be a nurse.

Others shared their stories.  

“My auntie and her boyfriend died while sitting in a car,” said a student.  

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb made a surprise visit to encourage 11th and 12th graders to register to vote.  

“In 2024, we can elect members of Congress in DC to pass background checks, red flag laws and have a ban on assault rifles,” said Mayor Bibb.  

At the end of the program, students held a moment of silence for gun violence victims. But these students vow not to remain silent while working to reduce violence in their communities.