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Civil Rights Marker placed at Glenville High School

Nearly 56 years to the day, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered his “Rise Up” speech  at Glenville High School, the Cleveland Restoration Society unveiled a Cleveland Civil Rights Trail marker late last month.

"This is amazing for our schools,” said LaTonia Davis, Glenville High School principal.  

The unveiling took place during the school’s 10th annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship program.  

Civil Rights Marker

Christine and Jeren, both tenth graders at Glenville High School, received Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., scholarships

Two of the scholarship recipients read the marker to the crowd gathered for the unveiling. Christine, a Glenville tenth grader, believes the marker is important to the school and the neighborhood. “I think it is important for the marker to be here for both the students and the Glenville neighborhood,” said Christine.  

Jeren is honored to receive a scholarship in honor of Dr. King.  

“It makes me actually want to go to a trade school or college because I now have money,” said Jeren. The marker outside Glenville High School is the seventh addition to the Cleveland Civil Right Trail Marker