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Youth Renaissance: Human Rights Legislative Edition Trailer

Cleveland based Reading R.A.M.M. (Recording Arts Music & Media) Program features students and staff of New Tech @ East Tech in the project-based film the Youth Renaissance: Human Rights Legislative Edition. The documentary chronicles a yearlong project regarding Human Rights issues and the process of making a bill into law.

New Tech @ East Tech students in American Studies were asked to examine domestic issues and world issues in Political Studies. The student ideas for bills include, but are not limited to: mandated body cameras for police, early gang prevention programs in school, LGBTQQ anti-discrimination laws, and banning the sale of products produced in countries where child/slave labor is common practice.

To increase authenticity and adult connections, we decided to create a 3 tiered approach to creating the bills. We traveled and examined the process at the local, state, and federal levels utilizing several different forms of multimedia to document our experiences.