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An Interview With Jimmy Woody

On Friday November 6th I was able to interview Jimmy Woody after Molly Day. This is what he had to say:
Q: How did you come across directing Molly Day?
Jimmy Woody: I was at William Cullen Bryant doing an act-out against bullying workshop there and even though i didn't see Mrs. Priemer she heard about me through the kids. And then when she became principal and Molly Day was thrust upon her she was like "Who do I go to?" and it was me. So she contacted my job Center For Arts Inspired Learning which used to be called Young Audiences and they pretty much booked me for it.
Q: How did you feel when you first found out about it?
Jimmy Woody: The first time I found out about it I was thinking about all the other programs I do too because not only do I do these kind of things where direct but I also am doing a digital storytelling workshop which is teaching kids the art of film making so thats in three other schools so that and im working at Waterson Lake getting their program ready because they are doing the Three Little Pigs and the true story of the Three Little Pigs but I love working with kids. I was never frusterated or anything I was just thinking how I can manage my time so everybody gets the best program possible.
Q: How did you come up with the ideas for the play?
Jimmy Woody: Well I knew that Senator Voinovich  was going to be attending so its like we do our exerises which is actually called Captain On Deck so it was like how can we modify this to apply to Senator Voinovich so we decided and they came up with what they were going to say. They came up with the script and then we wanted to address the whole thing about attendance because thats the CEO's big initiative so we decided to have a segment for attendance let's have a segment for senator and then we're just considering like we got to consider Whitney Young because they are going to preform but then there are certain pieces that I work with that I've used with kids so i just put those into the program and we just made that America's Got Talent segment.
 Q: So you were working with the kids hearing their ideas?
Jimmy Woody: Yeah yeah I'd say, they were more involved with what you saw their on the stage as I put into it. I had a hand in it. They had an equal hand in what was being said and being performed.
Q: Was it difficult working with all those kids?
Jimmy Woody: Well anytime your working with middle scholars and they have a lot of youthful actions. It's always the thing where you know you just got to try to instill discipline, so that they understand what the event is so that it doesn't come off disrespectful or you know people just don't really respect it because you don't know whats going on. Yeah, it was just trying to make sure they understand how to put together and perform, what i would call a professional show, a professional experience. Teaching that art where there isn't spaces of time where the audience has to wait, where everybody starts checking their watch or falling asleep.
Q: How do you think the kids did?
Jimmy Woody: How do I think the kids did? I think they did wonderful, I think they did a Phenomenal job , but one thing I would say was that , For me was that there was really not any surprises because we have been going over this and my thing is about working with youth you got to have repetition so they know when the drum plays here,we walk out here and after that happens we do this. Once that is built into their muscle memory then the rest I just sit back and just watch them preform. So for me it wasn't so much nerves because I knew what the show was. It's just trying to get them to understand how to all  be in the show together and not be in the show individually.
Q: Is there any thing else you would like to add?
Jimmy Woody: I just really enjoyed this experience, this wasn't new but kind of new and i think I'd give a lot of cuddos to Mrs. Priemer and I also give a lot of cuddos to Mrs.Perhay and I'd give a lot to Mr.Dixon, Mrs.Peterson, and Mr.Kent. I am just really grateful for them having me and wanting me to work with their kids.
Janna Jackson: Thank You.
Jimmy Woody: No, Thank You little reporter !