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Your help is needed spending MacKenzie Scott's gift to CMSD



When renowned Philanthropist MacKenzie Scott gave CMSD $20 million last November, the extraordinary and unsolicited gift came with no strings attached.

Shortly after news of the gift went public, CEO Eric Gordon and The CMSD Board of Education collaborated on an extraordinary and imaginative decision:

Everyone in the CMSD community would soon be given a voice at the table on how the money should be spent for the betterment of our schools.

That time has now arrived.

Today, February 24th, the District announced the launch of The CMSD Get More Opportunities Fund website, which will serve as a portal through which students, teachers, and parents can apply directly for grants or make suggestions on how to use the gift.

All CMSD scholars, educators, CMSD parents and caregivers are invited to share their ideas on how the funding can be creatively used. If you have a vision of how the educational experience of a school, building, department, or division can be advanced, you are encouraged to share your idea. No idea is too big or small for consideration. Be creative with suggestions on how the funding can be used in the following areas:


  • Scholar Opportunities
  • Educator Opportunities
  • One-Time Investment Opportunities


CEO Gordon provided a creative example of how the funding could be used during the public announcement of the MacKenzie Scott gift. He announced that the first purchase courtesy of the gift was used to buy an app that allows Senate League football teams to view instant replay on the sidelines during games. In addition, optical devices were also purchased that let

Cleveland School of Science & Medicine students use augmented-reality curriculum.

MacKenzie Scott had CMSD students in mind when she bestowed her largesse on the district. Now, these same students will play prominent roles in deciding how the gift will be parceled. CMSD high school principals will select two students from each school’s Student Advisory Committee, one sophomore and one junior, to serve on the fund’s distribution committee.

These students will have a direct role in reviewing and selecting which proposals will be awarded grant funds. In addition, these students will help design the grant-making process. In other words, CMSD will now be teaching our students how to model one of the world’s leading philanthropists.

What a magnificent opportunity. So, let’s all brainstorm and start taking advantage of the wonderful MacKenzie Scott gift.  Click on the link below to learn more about The CMSD get More Opportunities Fund, how to apply and FAQ’s.