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Davis wins second at State Robotics Championship; heading to Ecuador to help others

 Davis Team wins second at state

The Davis Team (Team 8222) competing at the state championship



The robotics team at Davis Aerospace and Maritime High School has competed for just two years. Last month, the young team did the unthinkable: they placed second at the Ohio State Championship.  

“We were invited to the Ohio State Championship in 24th place and left in second,” said Timothy Hatfield, the Argonaut program manager and advisor to the robotics team. “The team went and fought hard, and they earned their spot and made a name for themselves.”  

The team’s name is The Argonauts, after its community partner that co-leads the school’s efforts to provide a high-quality educational experience for 9th – 12th graders.  

Hatfield says the student’s dedication to building and programing the robot, which is named ‘The Kraken’, is the reason they were able to be so successful so quickly.  

“It speaks to their motivation to make the world a better place with STEM,” said Hatfield. “They get up every morning at 7 a.m. to come down to the Great Lakes Science Center, build the robot and program it. Some evenings they do not leave until 7 p.m. It is just remarkable.”  

During the competition, the students programmed The Kraken to do a series of autonomous tasks. After, the students controlled the robot.  

Davis wins second at state

The Kraken, the robot

“We had to drive across the field to pick up cones and cubes, bring them back," said Gabriel, a graduating senior at Davis who will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach, Florida on a full scholarship.  

“Our robot did really well because it is small,” said Daniela, a tenth grader at Davis. “Last year, we didn’t do well and this year we came with all the power and were able to make it. This is amazing.”  

Hatfield also said the robotics program is growing. There are plans to start an all-girls team. There are also plans to develop a team at the Garrett Morgan High School Campus by the end of the summer.  


Samantha, a double amputee, will receive a prosthetic arm from the Davis First Robotics Team.

These same high-achieving students have also used their talents for more than competition. They used a 3D printer to create a prosthetics arm for Samantha, a double amputee who lives in Ecuador. The students will travel to South America this summer to personally deliver the arms.  

Davis is building arms

Left to Right: JohnDarr Bradshaw, Great Lakes Science Center Coordinator, Daniela holding one of the prosthetic arms, Yariselle and Gabriel.

Daniela, who is from Ecuador, came up with the idea of designing and building the arm. This trip will be a homecoming for her.  

“I am happy we can help her,” said Daniela. “It feels great to help other kids.”  

While in Ecuador, the students will teach the children how to make their own prosthetics.  

“It's creating a self-sustainable process,” said Gabriel.  

They can’t wait to see their hard work improve a child’s life.  

“It is amazing to help children in need,” said Yariselle, a tenth grader at Davis. “And to see the miracle from something we developed is going to be great.