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CEO Warren Morgan greets students on their first day of Year-Round school (video)



CMSD CEO Dr. Warren Morgan had just welcomed a class of 9th graders to their first day of school at Lincoln-West School of Science and Health when a boy raised his hand.

“Did you use to work at the White House?” he asked CMSD’s Chief Executive Officer, who was on hand to help jump-start the first day of learning at the year-round school.

“Yes, young man, I used to work at the White House. I worked there when President Obama was there.  I also worked at the White House for the President who came after him,” said Dr. Morgan. Juliet King, the school’s principal, looked at the boy who asked the question with a sense of amusement and surprise.

“How did he know that?” she said to no one in particular.

Tuesday was the first day of school for each of CMSD’s seven year-around schools. Dr. Morgan, who is beginning his second official week on the job, made a point of visiting as many of the schools as his schedule allowed.

“I’m so happy to be here,” he told students at Davis Aerospace & Maritime School. “I know great things are happening here and I’m excited about the amazing possibilities to which you all will be exposed.”

Dr. Morgan was then given a tour of the innovative school by Tim Jones, the school’s principal, who explained the school’s primary mission to prepare students for aviation or maritime careers.

“Flying a plane has always been on my bucket list,” Dr. Morgan told Principal Jones.

“We’ll have to get you into our flight stimulator,” responded Principal Jones.

In the basement of Davis Aerospace & Maritime School high is The Stimulation Room, which features state-of-the-art technology on which students train to fly planes or steer ships.  Many of the school’s graduates leave the school already proficient in flying or sailing.

Before leaving the building, Dr. Morgan visited the Cleveland High School for Digital Arts, which is housed in the same building as Davis. Digital Arts School Principal Karen Byron-Johnson made a point to take Dr. Morgan to the 11th grade classroom of American Government teacher Lindsey May. The room made an instant impression on the CEO. The just slightly perceptible soft music playing in the background, gentle lighting and tasteful decoration, caused Dr. Morgan to openly reflect on the importance of classroom environment to the learning experience.

“It is wonderful what you’ve done with this classroom area,” said Dr. Morgan. “I can see how amazing learning can occur in this welcoming space, which you have clearly created to be a stress-free environment,” he said.

Dr. Morgan, who hopes to visit most if not all CMSD’s schools in the coming months, has clearly already embarked on his listening, learning and leading tour. He asked questions of both staff and students in every building he entered.

They responded and the CEO listened intently.