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WGLA Back to School Updates & Reminders!

Greetings WGLA Wildflowers & Families,

Thank you for helping us have a successful first day of school! It was good to see our Wildflowers in person today. Each day, our team will reflect and refine our practices to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for our girls before, during, and after school. Please read the following updates and reminders carefully to make our second day (and each day after) even better.


School starts for breakfast at 7:45 AM. The instructional day begins at 8:20 AM. To ensure the safety of all Wildflowers, K-8 parents will not be permitted to travel with students to classrooms. Our team is positioned to make sure even our youngest Wildflowers get to their destination safely.

We will also need to limit the number of parents in the Main Office at one time. To avoid overcrowding, we may ask for your phone number and ask you to wait in your car until we can assist you safely.

Jeffries Ave. is one-way, traveling West towards Warner Road, in the mornings until 9:30 AM Monday through Friday (see posted signage). Do not travel East on Jeffries (towards Turney Road) in the morning. Enter the parking lot and travel along the edge of the parking lot. Use the center lane (center of parking lot) and have your Wildflower exit at the crosswalk during arrival/drop off from 7:45 AM-8:20 AM. Ensure that our Wildflowers can cross safely by not driving in the bus lane during these times. Please do not drop your Wildflower off on the side of the building.

Dress Expectations

We will be surveying parents soon regarding our school uniform policy. Until that time, our preference continues to be the WGLA uniform (purple polo and khaki, black, navy bottoms). Likewise, we will continue to honor the CMSD dress expectations, but, there are some items that are not permitted in either. Wildflowers are not permitted to wear the following:

*Crocs, slides, or sandals
*Ripped or torn clothing
*Clothing that shows girls abdomens, buttocks, thighs, and/or bare shoulders
*Clothing that is gang-related, contains profanity, promotes violence, drugs/drug use, or discriminates against a protected subgroup

Wildflowers may wear hoodies, however, under no circumstances will girls be permitted to wear hoods inside.


Learning and teaching are our first priorities. We will not forward calls to classrooms during the instructional day between 8:20 AM-3:20 PM. Our office staff will assist you if we can or deliver your message to the classroom teacher to respond at his/her earliest convenience. You can also message your Wildflowers' teacher on ClassDojo or email the classroom teacher using his/her CMSD email address.


Early dismissal ends at 2:30 PM. All early pick-ups and dismissal changes must be completed by 2:30 PM. For the safety of all Wildflowers, parents will not be permitted inside the building after 2:30 PM, except in an emergency, during dismissal.

School ends at 3:20 PM. All car riders will exit the cafeteria on Connecticut Ave. Connecticut Ave. is one-way, traveling East towards Turney, in the afternoon Monday through Friday (see posted signage). Do not travel West on Connecticut (towards Warner Road) in the afternoon. We have increased the number of staff members assisting car riders to support a smoother dismissal moving forward. We appreciate your patience and compliance.

Walkers/Day Cares

Girls that walk home or ride daycare vans will exit the side doors on Jeffries Avenue. Parents, please do not attempt to pick up car riders at this door to avoid the car rider line as this will ultimately create a traffic backup on Jeffries for our school buses, daycare vans, and staff.

Bus Riders in grades K-4 will exit through the archway. Bus riders in grades 5-8 will exit through the main doors. Bus updates (late buses/changes to bus numbers, etc.) will be posted on ClassDojo.

In service of our Wildflowers. Stay safe & be well.

Mrs. Wilkins