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Lincoln-West School of Science and Health

3202 West 30th Street
Cleveland, OH 44109
Grades 9 – 11

The Lincoln-West School of Science & Health is believed to be the first school in the country based in a hospital. As a student, you will have access to classrooms at the 
MetroHealth System main campus where you can explore a variety of healthcare fields and those that support the healthcare system such as human resources, information technology, marketing and communications and the food industry. 

MetroHealth professionals serve as mentors to raise career awareness, and students have unique access to internships and networking opportunities during high school.
This school will immerse you in the fascinating world of modern science, health and medicine through a rigorous project-based curriculum, active learning labs and relevant workplace and community experiences.

As a student, you will learn in a safe, secure and welcoming environment that emphasizes five pillars:

• High expectations 
• Collaboration and trust
• Culture and diversity 
• Commitment to achievement
• Community service

Graduates of Lincoln-West School of Science & Health will be universally recognized for their sense of purpose, their strong preparation for college and careers and their passionate commitment to improving the health and vitality of their community.