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Jane Addams Business Careers Center

 2373 East 30th Street 
Cleveland, OH 44115 
Grades 9 – 12

At Jane Addams Business Careers Center, students can learn how to run a restaurant, manage business finances, invest money or become a CEO. Real-world experiences like job shadowing and internships help connect school learning to the workplace. 

JABCC offers: 
• a small, personalized environment. 
• applied learning opportunities. 
• partnerships with businesses.
• a focus on 21st Century skills you need to succeed.
• a culture of teamwork, critical thinking, communications, collaboration and creativity. 
• a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum. 
• the opportunity to earn industry credentials and articulated college credit.

You can choose from the following career pathways: 

Hospitality: Learn about the hospitality industry, strategic management, finance, entrepreneurship, front office operations, event planning, travel services and more.

Finance: Learn to summarize, analyze and communicate business financial information used in management decision-making. Learn skills in accounting, bookkeeping, systems design and more.

Marketing: Learn how to market products and services. 
With classroom and field instruction, learn about sales, customer service, market research, the psychology of marketing and more. 

Culinary Arts: Learn food prep, menu planning, supply purchasing, record-keeping, cooking and baking and more. Gain experience in restaurant operations by running The Executive Grille, located in the school and open to the public.