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East Tech High School

 2439 East 55th Street
Cleveland, OH 44104
Grades 9 – 12

East Tech prepares scholars for lifelong success through a unique combination of a college-prep curriculum and technical education. 

East Tech ranked in the top 25 percent in Cleveland for student growth on the latest state report card, and in the top 20 percent Districtwide for math and reading growth on last year’s NWEA exam.

To promote the well-being of the whole student, East Tech provides a full range of wraparound services in a program overseen by the Friendly Inn Settlement and have a variety of other services, including onsite counseling, dental clinics and staff advisors. Additional support comes from City Year staff members in every 9th- and 10th-grade classroom.

As an East Tech student, you will experience:
• a 1:6 adult-to-scholar ratio in core classes.
• multiple pathways to graduation. While we push all scholars to earn the 18 points needed on the Ohio State Tests for graduation, you can also earn a diploma through the new career-technical pathways in culinary arts and urban agriculture. 
• classroom instruction supported by technology that includes online assessments and web-based interventions. Teachers meet weekly to review student performance data and create lesson plans based on the data.
• the opportunity to participate in 14 sports teams and clubs—everything from military drill to bowling.