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App allows anonymous security reports

CMSD students and others can now use an app to report bullying and other concerns to school security without giving their names.

Students, parents, staff and community members who download the Anonymous Alerts app can send reports, attach photos and videos and have encrypted one- or two-way communication with District security. They do not have to reveal their identities unless they choose to do so.

The app creates a record that allows security to identify trouble spots and documents whether concerns have been resolved.

Chief Lester Fultz said kids who are reluctant to confide in adults might feel more comfortable reporting from behind the confidentiality the software provides.

“We know they are telling someone,” he said. “This allows them to tell us.”

Anonymous Alerts, launched three years ago, is used by 1,500 schools across the country, according to the company’s website. Customers include the Newtown, Ct., schools, where tragedy struck Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.

The website promotes the app as a way for students and adults to make school officials aware of concerns such as bullying, student depression, drug and alcohol issues and family problems. Fultz said problems that occur in neighborhoods or homes will be referred to the appropriate agencies.

Students and others can download the app through the Apple, Google Play or Chrome stores. To use the app, they will enter clevelandmetro as both the login name and password.

Reports also can be filed on the District website by going to

While reports can help security head off problems, urgent calls should still go to 9-1-1.