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Program will let parents track school buses online

Computer software will soon let CMSD parents pinpoint the location of their children’s buses online.

After creating confidential individual accounts, parents will be able to access the Bus Tracker system on their home computers, laptops or mobile devices. A map or satellite view will show the current location of their child's bus, which will be equipped with a GPS device. The system also will indicate whether the bus is on schedule and, if not, the estimated time the bus will be delayed.

The District will test Bus Tracker this school year at Campus International, Miles and Riverside schools. The system is expected to be in use across the District next school year, said Eric Taylor, executive director of transportation.

The program will monitor only yellow District buses, which transport about 6,500 students in kindergarten through sixth grade who live more than 1 mile from their schools. It will not show the location of students who ride RTA or contracted cabs and vans.

Taylor said the system will improve customer service and spare parents the need to call for information on the whereabouts of their children’s buses. The Transportation Department receives an average 1,300 calls per week.